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Safeguard The Future And Health Of Your Home, Building Or Workplace

Providing the Kootenays and beyond with hazmat, energy advising, safety and training solutions

As a dedicated team of environment and safety professionals, Keefer HSE can offer you a wide range of services to protect and improve your home, building or workplace.


We do safety audits and help you meet regulatory standards. We also provide training and certification programs to boost your safety credentials. 


Our services include hazmat assessment, energy advising, safety training programs, in-house lab testing for hazardous materials and air quality, OH&S evaluation and consulting, and equipment sales and testing.


We Alleviate Compliance Overwhelm So That You Can Focus On Bigger Things

Home and workplace safety assurance can weigh heavy on the mind. Compliance is strict, consulting can be costly and many services only seem to be offered in faraway cities. This can make the process feel long, stressful and overwhelming. 


Keefer HSE is a client-driven company rooted in expertise, integrity and empathy. Our mission is to fast-track safety solutions so that you can move forward quickly with assurance.

Building Client Relationships Grounded In Trust, Compassion And Value

Keefer HSE is client-focused. We prioritise building trusted relationships with our community by fostering strong communication and support. Hazmat issues can be exhausting, emotional and all-consuming. Our compassionate approach can help you to feel seen, heard and supported as we help you navigate tough situations.

“When it’s time to call a hazmat team, you’re probably feeling stressed! Keefer HSE was available so quickly, and they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They simplified the report and solutions for me. Their kindness and support definitely helped during a stressful time. I would 100% suggest Keefer for anyone in need of hazmat help.”

- V. Jeanne

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to stay safe

Your best interests matter to us. We are willing to price-match or beat competitor estimates so that you don’t have to bleed money to maintain your home, run a job site or plan a build. We minimise hazmat testing costs by only running tests that are absolutely necessary. Additionally, we advocate for clients through negotiating with the abatement companies we work with to get the lowest abatement prices possible.

We know you like to get ‘er done, quick. We offer rapid results with Eastern BC energy advising

Energy advising companies in Eastern BC are few and far between. Keefer HSE can provide you with consulting and recommendations, energy use calculations and assistance in grant and rebate applications. We also help clients to better understand and meet BC Step Code requirements. Clients no longer have to wait weeks or even months for energy advisors coming from a distance. Our convenient location makes us accessible to all of Eastern BC. We are prompt in setting up appointments, so you can fast-track your energy savings

and compliance. 

Up your skills while saving time and money. Become asbestos-certified, locally

Keefer HSE offers both training and exams in the Kootenays, so that you don’t have to travel far to obtain necessary credentials. We are a certified proctor facility for WorkSafe BC. So far, we’ve seen that those who do their studies in person with an instructor have a higher pass rate (70%) than those who go the online route (only 30%).

Clearing the air with air quality monitoring and solutions

Air quality control is crucial. Unwelcome odours, pollen, and other irritants are distracting and can cause headaches and allergies. We can help you avoid these issues by offering air quality monitoring and solutions for your home, building or workplace. As one of the only companies offering these services in Eastern BC, we make sure that local residents and workers can breathe deeply and live and work in comfort. 

Keefer HSE Offers Problem-Solving On Demand So That You Aren’t Left Hanging

Short-notice availability is a strong point for us - our sizable number of trained team members allows us to take action and promptly respond to urgent hazmat situations, so that in your most vulnerable moments, you aren’t left guessing when help will arrive.

We Simplify The Safety & Compliance Process For You

Keefer HSE employs a wide range of experts who can offer an array of safety and consulting services. Our services cover assistance in meeting compliance standards for the home, building or workplace, employee safety training and certifications, energy advising including guidance in obtaining grants and rebates, hazmat assessments and lab testing, OH&S assessments and safety plans, and equipment testing and sales. Keefer HSE is a solution-focused hub, providing professional direction for your home, construction site or business with safety and compliance peace-of-mind.


Hazardous Materials Assessment & Testing

We provide assessments and test the levels of asbestos, lead, PCBs, ODS and mould in your home or building and provide mandatory hazmat reports to meet regulatory requirements for renos and building projects.

Energy Advising & Assessment

Our energy advising services include upgrade recommendations, emissions calculations and guidance for obtaining energy grants and rebates. We can also help you to meet BC Step Code requirements. As one of the few energy advising companies in Eastern BC, we are prompt in serving local Kootenay residents.

Safety Training Programs

We provide Asbestos Level 1 & 2 training and are a proctor facility for exams. We also provide Occupational First Aid WorkSafe Level 1, lead inspection and management training, respirator programs, and general OH&S training customised to meet your needs.

In-House Lab Testing

Your hazmat and air quality samples no longer have to travel to the big city to get tested. As the only testing facility in the Kootenays, we expedite the testing process for timely results. If needed, and for your convenience, we can also come to you to take accurate and sufficient samples that follow the required guidelines.

Air Quality Monitoring

Clean air is crucial. Breathe easy knowing that the air in your building is free of asbestos, mould and other harmful contaminants. We monitor and test the air quality of your home or building and we conduct mandatory investigations following workplace air quality complaints.

Occupational Health And Safety Assessments

When it comes to the job site, safe and smart go hand in hand. We assess safety risks and help you to devise a comprehensive OH&S plan for your workplace. We also can provide onsite safety supervision when needed.

Safety equipment and sales

Work safe and breathe easy with respirator fit-testing, DOP HEPA filter testing and respirator sales. We also provide respirator care and maintenance instruction.

We Offer The Kootenays A Well-Rounded Approach To Workplace Safety Training

Mandatory Asbestos Training For People Handling Asbestos

Asbestos regulations have recently become more strict. As of January 2024, all workers handling, transporting or disposing of asbestos are now required by the government to be WorkSafe approved and certified. Although online courses are convenient, the pass rate for studying asbestos online is only about 20% whereas if you get trained in person with a qualified instructor, about 70% of applicants pass the exam. Furthermore, finding approved exam providers in BC can be challenging. Keefer HSE offers both training and exam services right here in the Kootenays, so that local asbestos workers don’t need to travel far to get certified. 

Asbestos Level 1 And 2 Training And Certifications

Level 1 certification is a foundation course for workers who come in contact with asbestos on the job. This course is offered in-office or we can bring it to your workplace for group certification. 

Level 2 is for asbestos abatement workers, takes place in-office and requires proof of Level 1 completion. Level 2 involves a practical component where workers build their own containment. 


BEST VALUE: We provide a combined training package (Level 1 & 2) at a discounted rate.

Approaching Workplace Safety Training From All Angles

We also offer Occupational First Aid training Level 1, lead inspection and management, respirator training and fit-testing, confined space OH&S training and general OH&S training action plans customised to fit your workplace needs.


Expertise. Promptitude. Assurance. Our Signature Safety Approach

Our outstanding team of professionals consists of a lab technician, an energy advisor, industrial and occupational hygienists, a construction safety officer, an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) advisor, a building inspector, as well as field managers and technicians. 


Our quality of work stands out from the rest, which is a reflection of the high level of expertise of our team. We are known for our quick responses and mobility, which expedites turnaround for the services we offer. We know that hazard mitigation can be overwhelming, so we approach customer service with a deep sense of care. Lastly, we know that calm assurance is the best way to approach unsafe situations, and you can rely on our confident, grounded ability to deal with the biggest of hazmat issues.

“Excellent service, prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and friendly yet professional.”

- C. Crichton


Perhaps you are a homeowner that wants confirmation that your home or upcoming renovation plan is free of hazards, efficient in energy use, and able to meet regulatory safety requirements. Maybe you own a construction company and you want to make sure your building plans meet compliance standards and that your workplace risks are kept to a minimum. You could be a tradesperson who would like to gain safety credentials while increasing your skill set. 


We provide the necessary assessments, advice, tests and training to make this happen for you. By nurturing client relationships, providing timely and thorough services, and making safety and energy services and testing easily accessible to Eastern BC, we provide the means necessary to improve the safety of your home, building or workplace

We provide Eastern BC with comprehensive energy and safety solutions

“It has been my privilege to work with highly competent safety consultants [at Keefer HSE] who have provided exceptional support to my company in British Columbia, Canada.”

- M. Klassen

Plan for safety. Connect with us.

217B Industrial Rd. F

Cranbrook, BC, V1C 6N4


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