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Energy Efficiency Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated. Let Us Streamline The Process.

The BC government has announced a goal for all new buildings to achieve net-zero energy by 2032. Historically the energy industry has lacked a clear plan for how to achieve this target. The BC Energy Step Code provides a structured approach to building and energy efficiency, outlining a realistic process for homeowners and construction companies alike. 


As of May 1, 2023, the updated BC Building Code requires every new building to deliver a level of energy-efficiency performance equivalent to 20% more energy efficiency over a 2018 baseline building. With this increase in Energy Step Code requirements, small residential homes (Part 9) will be required to meet Step 3, with more complex buildings (Part 3) required to meet Step 2. 


The experts at Keefer HSE can guide your way with professionalism and reassurance. We provide an all-encompassing approach which includes identifying and rectifying air leaks, calculating standardised energy efficiency ratings and emissions reports, recommending upgrades, accessing grants and rebates, and meeting BC Step Code requirements for new projects.

Our Services

  • Blower door testing to determine air leakages in existing building, retrofits and new construction projects

  • Energy efficiency ratings calculations - a standardised way to display energy use and loss in a building 

  • Annual GHG emissions calculations

  • Energy Efficiency Action Roadmap development that includes recommended upgrades for increasing overall efficiency and GHG emissions reductions

  • Guidance and recommendations in application for federal and provincial-level grants and rebates

  • Pre- and post- energy retrofit assessments for grant applications

  • Guidance in meeting the BC Step-Code requirements for new construction projects

  • Design stage energy modelling and upgrade recommendations for new construction 

Grants & Rebates for Energy Savings and Fuller Pockets

The Canada Greener Homes Grant addresses climate change by supporting home energy efficiency upgrades. Worth up to $5,000 per household, the program reimburses Canadian homeowners for making appropriate energy upgrades to their homes. 


The Home Energy Improvement Bonus Rebate from CleanBC (in partnership with FortisBC and BC Hydro) is worth $750 - $2,000. The rebate is offered to homeowners who complete three or more eligible energy efficiency upgrades. 


The folks at Keefer HSE can help you assess your home and choose which upgrades to pursue. Grant and rebate applications can be technical and lengthy, so we offer assistance in the application process. The money is there, and we help you claim it.

Check All Your Energy-Use Boxes, Before Construction Begins

Avoid the hassle of having to make changes once your building project is complete. We work together with construction companies by providing energy advising commissions in preparation for a build. We run efficiency models off existing building plans and then recommend upgrades, before the work starts. Get energy details out of the way first, so you can dive into the building process without needing to backtrack.

Energy advising, a stone's throw from your door

It’s always a bonus to work with folks who are close to home. Being one of the only energy advisors this side of BC, we are highly accessible to Kootenay homeowners and construction companies. This means quick turnarounds and an expedited process which is enough to put a smile on any homeowner or contractor’s face.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency. Enjoy Your Savings. Help The Planet. Meet Regulations. All In One Go.

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