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Get Reno or Build-Ready with In-House Lab Testing, Right Here in the Kootenays

When it comes to building or renovations, safety is crucial. Keefer HSE offers in-house bulk materials testing to determine composition and potential hazards, as well as air quality monitoring specifically for asbestos. Being the only lab testing facility in the Kootenays, we eliminate the need to ship samples to larger cities, saving time and ensuring a fast turnaround for results.

Be hazmat-prepared. Secure your environment and ease your mind.

It is a legal requirement to test existing materials in your building before they get disturbed during teardowns or renovations. Rest assured knowing that your reno materials meet necessary standards and pose no health or environmental risks.

Our Services

  • Bulk materials testing

  • Air monitoring for asbestos 

  • Vacuum and negative air unit testing (HEPA filter efficiency testing)

We can bring our tests to your work site and get the job done right then and there. 

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