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Hazardous Materials Sampling, Solutions And Safety

Shielding Your Building Against Invisible Threats

Mitigate environmental hazards while avoiding the headache of long, costly fixes. Whether you are designing and building a home or business and legally required to test the materials, or needing piece-of-mind regarding your residence, it’s imperative to have a thorough understanding of your building. 

“I had a home inspection which revealed mould in my attic. Richard and the team at Keefer made the remediation as smooth as can be!”

- V. Jeanne

Comprehensive Safety Starts Here

We provide you with efficient and affordable solutions to potentially hazardous materials, so that you can feel safe and healthy in your home or building. 

Bulk Sampling​ For A Hazard-Free Environment

  • Identification and collection of hazardous building materials

  • Samples are tested at our in-house laboratory using approved EPA and NIOSH procedures

Hazardous Materials Inventory

  • Complete hazardous materials inventories specific to your home or building, following the WorkSafeBC template

  • Identification and assessment of the presence and condition of all confirmed hazardous building materials

Our sample times range from 24 hours to one week, depending on your individual needs and budget. 

Risk Assessments Performed With Expert Precision

We determine and quantify the risk associated with all confirmed hazardous materials in your home or building. Following the WorkSafe BC template, we classify each individual risk while considering condition, friability and concentration of material and presence in air plenum.


When planning a project or building your dream home, hazardous materials sampling and reports are legally required before the work can even start. With competitive price-matching and quick turnarounds, Keefer HSE serves the Kootenays with expert professionalism.

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