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You Can Breathe Easy With Clean Air Assurance

Air quality and daily wellbeing go hand-in-hand, and compromised air quality can have consequential effects on your health. A healthy home is free from asbestos, mould and other contaminants. 


Sometimes the issue at hand is an undesirable odour. Odours can be the result of sewer or new construction materials offgassing, which can quickly make a home inhabitable. Also, if an employer receives a complaint regarding air quality concerns, they are legally required to investigate. 


With speed, efficiency and professionalism, we will assess and resolve the issue so that you can breathe deep knowing that your air is clean.

Our lab is run by NIOSH-582 (National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety) and Bulk Material Analysis-trained employees in Cranbrook, BC.

Bulk asbestos samples are analyzed at Keefer HSE Lab. We undergo rigorous QA analysis and are an active participant in AIHA proficiency testing. Samples analyzed using EPA 600/R-93/116 supplemented with NIOSH 9002 for the presence of asbestos.


Asbestos and Lead Monitoring and Testing

  • Daily air quality monitoring inside and outside of the abatement containment

  • Air clearance monitoring prior to the abatement containment tear-down

  • An in-house PCM (phase contrast microscopy) laboratory to test the amount of fibres in the air.

 Mould, Moisture & VOC Testing

  • Indoor air quality testing includes ventilation, temperature, humility and CO2 levels 

  • Air sample testing for presence of mould in indoor environments

  • We test for VOC such as CO2, Ch2O and Nh3 

  • Mould abatement monitoring

HVAC Inspection

  • HVAC inspection ensures optimum efficiency for your heating and cooling systems

Concerned about your air quality? We provide testing and inspections with affordable rates and quick turnaround times. Whether it's a bad smell, mysterious headaches, overbearing allergies or simply just air-quality curiosity, get in touch and we’ll clear your worries and your air.

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